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VIP Treatz is Revolution to the Night Life Industry! is the first Adult Nightlife Portal that serve Video/Bio profiles for Adult Events, Strippers, Escorts, XXX Actresses, and Strip clubs accross the world.. will is first of its kind to also PAY its users a monthly residual just for being a member. Everyone who joins can and will be paid based on a 5 by 10 system matrix, where you will be paid $1 for every person who lands below you in the matrix all on auto piolot. This can and will turn to over $200,000 a year for many lucky users.

Event though VIP Treatz caters to Talent in the night life Industry, EVERYONE can get involved and enjoy the perks of being a member and get high residuals. For example: Talent Need Photo's and Video's, as a result we need Photographers and Videographers. So if your a Photographer or Videographer and dont mind taking pictures of Hot Women for a lovely living, Join VIP Treatz, You will get paid to take the pictures and video's, and also a nice monthly residul from the VIP Treatz Matrix.

If you throw or host adult events, or want to throw adult events, Join VIP Treatz, and you will be a member that's also in the matrix and able to earn very nice monthly residuals from the VIP Treatz Matrix to the possible tune of $200,000 a year.

The opportinity with VIP Treatz is Two Parts

- Part 1 -

With VIP Treatz, Ladies Get Quality Bookings

On the front portion of VIP Treatz, we provide High quality Profiles for Escort, Strippers, XXX Actresses, Strip Clubs, and Adult Events. Our Profiles are like no other website in the world.

Take advantage of Features like:
- Talent Ratings
- Client Ratings
- Client to Talent money transfers
- Talent HD Video Teasers
- Contact talent directly
- Talent keep 100% of bookings

Our Events are super exclusive and like no others.

Take advantage of:
- Unlimited RSVP's from quality users of the VIP Treatz network
- Swingers Parties
- "Anything Goes" After Hr Clubs
- Video archives of past events
- Send Video Comments / Video snippets of the event
- Free to post for both users and talent

Strip Clubs can benefit form the VIP Treatz Portal Also

- List your dancers using the VIP Treatz Profile
- Your dancers are listed within your strip club profile
- Free Advertisement
- Free Events posting
- Let us fill your venue

Videographers/Photographers will get consistent Bookings from:

- Talent that need Pictures for their Profiles
- Talent that need Video for their profiles and Scenes
- Videographers will be paid from VIP Treatz Upgrades

- Part 2 -
Everyone earns a monthly residual from the VIP Treatz Matrix based on the number of people who fall below them within the VIP Treatz Matrix System.

Up to $250,000 a year or more. See how the Matrix works here.

The VIP Treatz Matrix is the most Exciting part of VIP Treatz

The VIP Treatz Matrix works like this. Everytime someone joins VIP Treatz they are added to the Matrix. No matter what reason they join VIP Treatz, whether their an Escort, Stripper, Photographer, or even a Promotter, They are added to the Matrix.


There is only One company wide matrix so no matter where anyone joins around the world, they will populate the Matrix, and their joining will ultimately benefit everyone as a whole "YOU".

This is a 5 by 10 Matrix, meaning one at the top, 5 below him, 25 below them, 125 below them ect, down 10 levels as seen in the diagram to the right. Each person who joins will be paid $1/month for every person that lands below them within the matrix, and being that there is only ONE system wide matrix, there will ultimately become people that land below you wether you bring people to the company or not, through what we call spill over.

Now, there will be millions of people joining VIP Treatz for a number of reason all accross the world, and their membership will populate one spot in the matrix as illustrated in the image to the right.

For example; As seen in the diagram, on a completed Matrix,
Anyone on the "C" row will make $937,500/year in residuals.
Anyone on the "D" row will make $187,500/year
Anyone on the E row will make $37,500/year
Anyone on the F row will make $7,500/year
Anyone on the G row will make $1,500/year
Anyone on the H row will make $300/year
Anyone in the I row will only make $60/year

Now dont feel bad for those on the "I" row, because they can still get additonal residuals with the VIP Treatz Income Booster Upgrade.

Ok, Here's the Income Booster Explained..
We have devised a system that will get anyone who UPGRADES their membership an extreme amount of traffic to the VIP Treatz portal through their personal URL. When anyone signs up through that url, the person that the url represents will get Personal Recruitment Credit, and that credit will mean $1-$5 per month per person.

The way we get the traffic to your Vip Treatz URL is as explained in the diagram above
First.. Upgraded Members are able to get a Fantasy Film Shot, and edited.
Second.. That Fantasy Film is the PLaced on Third Party Sites like Red Tube, Porn Hub, and where it will recieve Millions of Views. The Fantasy Film will have a link inside the Video that will like " Meet This Acctress In Person, Click Here " , viewers will then become a member to VIP Treatz, and a point will be added to the Main Matrix, and the URL owner's Personal Matrix.

Everyone Wins! There is no Limit to what one can make.