VIP Treatz has created a simple way for you to advertise directly to your targeted audience with precision never experienced before. With VIP Treatz you know exactly who your target audience is, and you only pay for results via Pay Per Click. Using our Industry leading Advertisement module within the VIP treat system, you will be able to post your advertisement in the form of what we call,"Featured Ads". Your Featured ad can be live with as little as 5 cents per click.


If you notice throughout the entire VIP Treatz web system, there are Featured Ads along the right side and bottom of all system pages. This even includes Talent, Users, and Videographer Dashboard Views.


Using the VIP Treatz Advertisement Module, you will be able to Select the locations within the system where you'd like your Featured Ad to appear.

You are be able to select specific Areas around the World where you would like your advertisement to appear.

For example,If you wanted to post an Ad, and only wanted it to appear in front of Visitors from Los Angeles, CA. All you would have to do is select that specific criteria in step 1 on as seen on the Right.

You could even take it a step further by choosing which categories profile you wanted your Featured Ad to appear on. Escorts, XXX Actresses, Strippers, Users, or Videographer Profile Page View.

A step even further gives you an option to select which age group you'd like to target.

And lastly you have the option to select featuring your Ad in the Dashboard sections of any or all selected Categories.

This Unique and extremely targeted Traffic can be set up with step one within the Advertisement Module of VIP Treatz Registered Members.

ALL Registered Members, Talent, Users, and Videographers have this module access within their member dashboard.


Here is where you set up the way your featured ad will look.

Using the form all you have to do is choose an image from your computer or cellphone,

Input the URL of a page you would like to send your visitor to, or even input place the link to your VIP Treatz Profile.
By placing the link of your VIP Treats Profile it will drive visitors who are on other parts of the system directly to your Booking Profile.

Lastly input a short description of your Ad to entice your visitor to click your Ad.

Upon clicking SUBMIT you will be able to View what your featured Ad will look like above in the "Preview My Ad" Section

Step 3 is where you set up WHEN you want your ad to be live and How Much you want your click to cost. Your Cost per click can be as low as .05 cents per click depending on the demand of your Ad Display cryteria.
Ad display criteria is determined by the selections in your Step One. If you have the highest Bid amount for your selected criteria, then your Ad will be first within that cryteria.
Ads will be displayed highest Bid to Lowest Bid.
If you want your ad to be first, you must designate a higher bid amount then your criteria competition.
Within Step 3 you will also be able to select a Daily budget that will let your Ad max out on a daily basis within your selected From/To dates.
Lastly, Based on your selected criteria you will be able to see your Reach estimates, as the VIP Treatz Advertisement Module calculates and tracks all visitors based on these aspects:
- Location
- Categories Visited
With this feature we are able to accurately give you real live numbers as to how many people will see your ad, and display those numbers under the RESULTS ESTIMATED section of Step 3
With your Bid amount it will also let you know which position your ad will display based on the criteria you've selected.